⚓️ Server-side ID- & Anchor-Generation for Headings

I’ve just published a plugin for that:

+ an guide to create anchors styled like in the GIF of the readme: https://github.com/wottpal/kirby-anchor-headings/blob/master/ADVANCED.md

Cheers, @wottpal

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Thanks for the plugin!

Question: How would i turn all uppercase letters to lowercase for the links and the ids? I tried to use regular expressions in the anchorheadings.id.rules, but i couldn’t find a working syntax for the lowercase output \L$1. See ‘Regex replace uppercase with lowercase letters’ on Stackoverflow

this should work now by default. Just update to v0.3.0.

Issue: https://github.com/wottpal/kirby-anchor-headings/issues/1

See GitHub readme & release-pages for more information.

Oh and just for reference, I’ve created a demo-page a little while ago. If you want to see how it looks in production :wink:

Perfect. Works like a charm. Thanks a lot!