Send email to submitter

My contact form is perfectly working, the form is sending information to the client, but I would like to know what is the proper way to send an email to the submitter with a different email template?

This is what I have in my controller :

               'template' => 'email',
               'from'     => '',
               'replyTo'  => $data['email'],
               'to'       => '',
               'subject'  => esc($data['name']) . ' a fait une réservation.',
               'data'     => [
                  'name'   => esc($data['name']),
                  'prenom' => esc($data['prenom']),
                  'email' => esc($data['email']),
                  'paiement' => esc($data['paiement']),
                  'places' => esc($data['places']),
                  'via' => esc($data['via'])



Another $kirby->email() with a different data set I guess?

Simple as usual ! Thks