Selector (Kirby Fileselect Field) redirects user to dashboard

I was surprised to find that there was no file field included in Kirby’s core. That’s disappointing, but I sniffed around and found ‘Selector’, a fine plugin that fits the bill nicely.

When i add the selector custom field on a regular page it works as expected, but when I include the selector field in my site.php blueprint i run into a issue. The field appears as expected on my site options page, but when i click to add a file it redirects me out to the dashboard. The modal window stays open, but the page behind redirect to the dashboard. It allows me to add a file to the site options page, but after adding the file i gotta go back to the site options page.

Any insight?

Hi @thewebprojects,

Jonas here, the creator of the selector field. Seems like a bug with generating the “Add new File” link. Could you open a GitHub issue for this, so we can keep track of it?

While I haven’t played with Kirby 2.2 yet, I still think there will be a lot of changes to the panel, which will most like make every “Add new File” link the selector generates break someway or another. This definitely needs to be updated for 2.2.

thanks for the reply Jonas.