SelectField not found on quickselect


I just install the quickselect field in my project : site/plugin/quickselect/quickselct.php

And I got a message error on my whole panel : Class ‘SelectField’ not found

It comes from this line of the plugin :

3. class QuickselectField extends SelectField {

I’m using kirby 2.5.5, havent this issue on 2.4, I will try another plugin to see if I have the same problem.

SelectField refers to the core select field in panel/app/fields/select/select.php.
Do you have that file?

Is the plugin in site/plugins/ or site/plugin/?

I can’t reproduce this in my 2.5.5 installation.

Yes I have it.

I delete the plugin and re-instal it and it works fine.

I didn’t know what went wrong, probably me !

Thanks, and sorry !