Select field storing 2 values

Hi there, i have a fairly short question: Is it possible to store 2 values with a select field instead of one?

The reason: i am building a site that is very connected throughout the pages, and as a safety measure, i use autoid to create solid, unchangable md5 hashes to keep the pages in touch.
but: i am not sure how performative this solution is and would like to also store the relative path just in case. is there a possible way to archive that? it needs to be tied to a select field that sits in a structure field. whenever i choose a certain page (via dynamic options) i would like to store the autoid and the path.

May I ask why? Imho it’s better to choose 1 path and make sure that works bulletproof instead of overengineering it and doubling the chances of bugs :slight_smile:

If you already use autoid, then you should already have a way of uniquely identifying pages. So that would be enough, no?

Nonetheless, I am also on the lookout for a bulletproof, easy-to-use (from a developer point-of-view) way of linking to pages. This is really easy with the current fields (e.g. the select field), but gets icky pretty fast when you have to account multiple languages with “translate: false” / url updates on the referenced pages / …

I’m sure it can be done, by using hooks etc.
But it would be nice, if we would have some kind of “drop-in” field for that :wink:

And maybe make this even more generic, by making it possible to not only have this functionality (tracking pieces of content) on pages, but also on lists of terms (taxonomy). :stuck_out_tongue:

When I find some time, I might have a go at this… If people are interested in this as well, we should maybe discuss this a bit further.

In addition to what @bvdputte wrote above, you can easily store two values like this, e.g. separated by a comma:

    label: Category
    type: select
    options: query
      page: projects
      fetch: children
      value: '{{autoid}}, {{uri}}'
      text: '{{title}}'

I don’t really see a performance advantage here, though.

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