Search Plugin: index can't be found

I’m facing an odd problem with the search plugin by @distantnative (standard SQLite provider).

Everything runs smoothly in local environment (Laravel Valet) and on test server (Überspace).

On production server however, the index can’t be found. I tried renaming the database-file, redefining its location via config.php, but without luck.

Trying to build a fresh index via panel throws an error:

e is not defined

Unfortunately, I don’t have SSH-access to the server (shared hosting) and also no access to the provider’s user interface. I can contact the administrator, though.

I ran phpinfo(), maybe these findings are related?

Configure command:

Additional .ini files parsed:

PDO drivers enabled:
mysql, odbc, sqlite

SQLite Library enabled:

no value

I think think ive seen this before and as i recall it was down to a missing PHP extension. Are you certain that the production server has the minium extensions installed?

What version of Kirby are you running? What operarting system is the production server running?

Hm, if PHP is compiled without this extension, then that’s probably what’s missing.

Thank you both, @jimbobrjames and @pixelijn, that sounds like the right direction. I’ll contact the admin tomorrow. It’s really annoying when you don’t have access to the server configuration at all.

Sorry for joining late to the party - but I think @jimbobrjames and @pixelijn are pointing in the right direction.

Finally I got the information we need from the provider. They do run SQLite, but version 3.7.17. According to the SQLite documentation, the FTS5 extension is included as of version 3.9.0, so my best guess is that the extension is not available. @distantnative, can you confirm that?

Is it possible to check for the extension with PHP? I tried this:
if (extension_loaded('fts5'))
which returns false, but I think it’s invalid because FTS5 is a SQLite extension, not a PHP extension, right?

Unfortunately, the provider neither can provide a more recent version of SQLite nor include additional modules.

Seriously? 2013-05-20 3.7.17

Obviously they don’t take SQLite very seriously. In their answer, they suggested to switch to MySQL or MariaDB. What can you say about that.

Wow. I would honestly switch hosts immediatly if i discovered that they were still running a 7 year old version of something. There are a number of threads in the forum on good hosts if you feel like switching.

They probably think “Never change a running system” :crazy_face:

A wonder that they provide PHP 7.4

Quite right. Only this project is a slightly complicated constellation with different protagonists and an other agency. At this point, it’s all about conversational skills. :wink:

That would be my understanding, indeed.

Finally, it’s been resolved: We move our project to a modern hoster (Überspace). It was meant to run in a subdomain anyway. All the existing stuff, domain management and emails stay where they are.

Thank you again for your help!

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