Search controller, doesn't find words in the site blueprint

Hi everyone,
I hope nobody already posted this question but I couldn’t find any solution for it.

I added the search function on the site I’m working on. For the “contacts” page I use lots of information that are actually in the site blueprint. The result is that the search method works fine but it doesn’t really give me results on this page.

I assume I miss something somewhere in the code but I really don’t know what.

Can someone help me please?

The search searches through your content files and doesn’t know about your templates or where else you use the content. Why do you keep the information in the $site object if it is used for the contact page specifically?

Because I wanted all the information about the library in the same place. I thought for my client would be easier.
It’s not a big problem though, I will move all this things in the “contact” file.


lukasbestle, I’m sorry to bother you again. I made a new blueprint for the contact page and, of course, in the template I use those variables. I really don’t get why but still the search function seems to skip this page.

In the search controller I look for all the visible pages, and ‘Contacts’ is visible.

Any idea?

Nevermind, I just found the problem. Now I feel so stupid! :sob::grin:

Was it that the search only searches through the fields you specify?

Hahaha… of course! :wink:

I have had the same problem as well. :wink:

Reading this really makes me feel better. THANK YOU!!

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