Search() by 'pages select' fields

I try to set a search method for the first time. I use the bettersearch plugin.
I wanted it to go through all the fields so this is how the results are defined now:

$results = $site->index()->listed()->bettersearch($query);

The only problem is that I have a field (which is not a text field but a ‘pages multi-select’ field) and it seems that it doesn’t get included in the search results:

        label: Tags
        type: multiselect
          type: query

I wish that the results will include the ‘title’ of those pages in this field - Is it possible?
Thanks so much for the help!

Search only searches in the content of the text files, and since the title is not stored there but the page id/UUID, it won’t ever be found. Only way to achieve that would be to actually store the titles as well in a hidden field, or implement some custom search.

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Thank you so much for the answer!
I will try the hidden field option