Save button is grayed out for media files

When clicking on a media file, changing a field, the “save” button is grayed out.

If I cmd+s it becomes normal and then I can click and save. Or cmd+s twice…

Kirby 3.3.4, mac, same with chrome and safari


title: Image

accept: image/gif, image/ico, image/jpeg, image/jpg, image/png

    label: Alt
    type: text
      - headlines
      - bold
      - italic
      - link
    label: Caption
    size: medium
    type: textarea

I can’t reproduce the issue on Windows 10 / Chrome / Kirby 3.3.4
Have you tried deleting the cache and cookies?
Also, does an error appear on the console?

No error in the console. Tried again on a web server and it’s fine. This just happens in my local environment.

I can’t reproduce this either.

Do you get the same issue in a fresh Starterkit in your local environment? What is your local environment?