Same language from template to virtual page

Hello there,

I made a virtual page from my page article,
How can I keep de translation in english or spanish from an article to the virtual page ?
Actually it only display in french

 'routes' => [
      'pattern' => '(:any)/print/(:all)',
      'action' => function ($lang, $page_id) {
        $p = page('print');
        return $p->render([
          'article' => page($lang, $page_id)

I don’t really understand your code or what you are trying to do.

If you want to visit a page in a given language, you have to use $site-visit($page, $lang) before returning the page.

Or you set the language scope: Routing | Kirby CMS


This is not correct syntax, the page helper doesn’t accept a language code.

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Thank you Texnixe for your help, in fact I had to use
return site()->visit($p, $lang)->render([ 'article' => page($page_id) ]);