Routing - $this->next() mandatory?

I have been using quite a few routes for different plugins and i just figured out after upgrading to 3.2. that routes do not work if $this->next() is not set (regardless if route pattern does not match?) and it always landed on the error page (not debugger) until i figured it’s working though the plugin routes from A to Z and i quickly realized that it was fixed after running though all routes adding $this->next()

If the pattern doesn‘t match, the route function will not be called, so it can‘t matter if you use $this->next() or not.

Have you verified that the patterns don‘t match? Because if so, that‘s a bug.

ok, i’ve tested it, when it’s not matching it’s not required.
if i have a route anywhere observing the whole url

'pattern' => '(:all)'
'action' => function($uid){

then i would have to use it, or else it’ll pass only one matching route, correct?

Yep, that’s exactly right. :slight_smile: