Reusing same fields as group multiple times on one page?

So I have a start page with loads of sections. They all have a subtitle, title, lead and a link…
I have crated a group that I want to work like this:

  type: fields
      extends: fields/text-block
  type: fields
      extends: fields/text-block

Then I want to retreive with $page->firstSection() but right now the group field are not set in the “secondSectionTextblock” at all.

The fields/text-block looks like this:

type: group
    label: Övertitel
    type: text
    width: 1/2
    icon: tag
    label: Titel
    type: text
    icon: h2
    label: Ingress
    type: textarea
    size: small
    buttons: false
    icon: text

I know its possible if I set the type to structure, but thats not what I want to do. Visuallt that make it look like multiple items could be added, and dont want that.

Is there any other way? :sweat_smile:

The problem is that you cannot have the same field names multiple times in a blueprint.

What about using an Object field instead of a structure field? And object field is just one item of fields that belong together.

Yes, thats what I’m doing right now. Still think there should be a possibility to make it work with adding prefixes? Any plans of doing something about this?

Feel like loads of ppl would want to reuse the same fields multiple times on the same page

I don’t think this is planned for the moment. There is a feature request here which you could upvote:

Alternatives to the object field:

  • extend single field instead of groups of fields
  • create blueprints programmatically with PHP