Reusing blueprints for components


I´m trying to build my own component-system like suggested here:

Let´s say I have a component “Banner” (banner.php with banner.yml) that I would like to use 2 times on one page. I now have the problem that the fielnames in “banner.yml” would be included two times which should cause an error in Kirby. Doesn´t that make building a component system impossible? Is there another way to achieve this?

I would be very glad if someone could share his/her solution. Having a component system like this is critical to me!

Thank you very much.

If a component is a group of fields, then this group cannot be reused multiple times within the same parent blueprint, because field names must be unique.

In that case, working with the new block/layout fields would probably the better approach.

Exactly what I was looking for! Thx a ton!