Returning to Kirby after a couple years

It’s been a couple years since I’ve had an opportunity to implement Kirby (for reasons that have nothing to do with Kirby), but now I’ve got a project that would be perfect for it. I’m wondering how to best get caught up with new features. Anything new that’s useful to know about upfront? Has it been ported to rust? :wink:

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Well, you could support the upcoming Kirby 3…

The Fellowship package will allow you to follow along with whats coming :slight_smile:

Take a look at this blog post too…

If you’ve only been away a couple of years, its hard to judge whats new in Kirby 2 that might apply to you. I would say just go for it :slight_smile:

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If you want to see what happened in Kirby 2 while you were away, check out the changelog.

Kirby 2 licenses you buy now include a free upgrade to Kirby 3. But if you want to test Kirby 3 now or even start building with it, you can still join the Kirby next project and get instant access to the latest beta versions and all materials including documentation, Slack help and discussion channels, videos etc.

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Thanks very much @jimbobrjames and @texnixe