Return error response from custom api endpoint

Hello dear kirby friends,

I was just working on some api-endpoints for my plugin. In certain cases, I’d like to return an error response, so I can handle them a bit better in the panel. In my routes, I can use something like:

return new Response($string, 'text/xml');

I’d like to do something like that in my api-routes, too:

    'api' => [
        'routes' => [
            'pattern' => 'podcaster/stats/(:any)/year/(:num)/month/(:num)',
            'action'  => function ($podcast, $year, $month) {
                $errorMessage = 'U-oh!';
                return new Response($errorMessage, 'application/json', 501);

But it doesn’t seem to work, testing in postman returns:

    "status": "error",
    "route": "podcaster/stats/([a-zA-Z0-9\\.\\-_%= \\+\\@\\(\\)]+)/month/(-?[0-9]+)/(-?[0-9]+)",
    "exception": "Kirby\\Exception\\NotFoundException",
    "message": "The object \"response\" cannot be resolved",
    "key": "0",
    "file": "by/src/Api/Api.php",
    "line": 395,
    "details": [],
    "code": 404

What am I doing wrong? Or isn’t this possible in the api-routes (it works in my “regular” routes)?

Thank you!

Okay, I just got it…

For other looking for a solution:

do not use return, but echo the response:

echo new Response($errorMessage, 'application/json', 501);

you could also throw an exception

   'pattern' => 'podcaster/stats/(:any)/year/(:num)/month/(:num)',
   'action'  => function ($podcast, $year, $month) {
      $errorMessage = 'U-oh!';
      throw new Exception($errorMessage, 501);

and then catch it in the panel

    .then(response => {
    .catch(error => {