Responsive images from kirbytext content?

Hi everyone!

I’ve searched this in the forum, internet, and whatever, and i’m pretty sure it should be veeery easy. But i can’t find the answer.

The main question is: How could i enable responsive images for “kirbytext” images? I mean when a user include an image in a textarea we show all the content in the template with $page->text()->kirbytext(), so we can’t change the images from here, right?

I’ve tried this plugin, but i can’t get it working either.

And i’ve found this one, it looks promising, but i don’t know how to make it work with the images inside the kirbytext textarea, to use the resizeOnDemand function.

As usual, any help will be very appreciated.


The second one will not work with images inside Kirbytext. The first one requires ImageMagick. It is enabled on your server?

I’m working locally (for now) and i have ImageMagick installed and updated.
Is it possible to “enable” responsive image support without any plugin?

Thank you @texnixe!

You could create your own image tag with a scrset attribute, which would then overwrite the original image tag (but that is exactly what the Kirby responsive images plugin does)

Ok, so I’m going to try to fix the problem with the plugin! :slight_smile:

Have you managed to get this going or do you need any further assistance?

Not yet. I decided to let this breathe a little before try it again. But, since the options are create a new tag for images or get the plugin working, if you want to close this post for me is ok.

Thanks for the help!