Render select options in vue single file component

So I’m trying to create some custom blocks.
And I’ve got a simple select field within the blueprint.
Following that I’ve been trying to work out how to make it visible in a WYSIWYG editor.

My blueprint for the button

name: Button
icon: bolt
    label: Linktyp
    type: select
    width: 1/4
      normal: Normal
      mailto: E-Mail
      tel: Telefon
    default: normal
    width: 3/4
    label: Link
    type: text
    label: Text
    type: text

I’ve tried doing it like this in my Button.vue

 <select name="linktype"
          @input="update({ linktype: $ })">

But this isn’t doing anything it seems.

instead of update I also tried using onChange
but the result of that was the following error message

_vm.onChange is not a function

Can you guys help me?

Why do you want to show a select field in your vue component? Given that the purpose of the vue component is to show a preview, this doesn’t seem to make that much sense? I’d actually expect to see a button (or more semantically current an anker element) that links to something depending on the value of your select field.