Relative path of a file in a blueprint

Hello everyone! For a new website I am trying to accomplish the following, which is not complicated but somehow I dont seem to find the answer for it.

I want to show the relative path of the file in an info field in the panel so the editors can copy paste it and use the link somewhere else in a link while they are writing in the writer field. Technically now that we are live we could use paths including the domain, but I think it is a little bit safer to use the relative path of the file excluding the domain, just in case.

I have being trying with {{file.previewUrl}} and other properties from the docs, but all of them seem to add the domain.

is there a way to accomplish this? can I substring in a blueprint or something similar, to remove the domain? Or must I just make a small plugin for this where I can manipulate the URL and in there remove the domain?

any help is appreciated! TIA

You can you

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oh damn, so simple ^^ thanks sonja!