Registry set entry?

  1. What is registry set entry?
  2. Is it about the blueprint entry?
  3. Is it possible to register a blueprint entry so it works kind of like snippets?
  4. Can I use the $page and data from the blueprint?

Ahh, that shouldn’t be listed there in fact. It’s the base class for other registry entries and not to be used otherwise.

Blueprints can be registered like this:

$kirby->set('blueprint', 'blueprintname', 'blueprintfile.yml');

Blueprints are still only available in the panel afterwards. This is not mixing the core and panel. I don’t exactly know what you mean with 3. and 4 :slight_smile:

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Ahh. ok.

With 3 and 4 I was thinking of the possibility to add logic to the blueprint entry, just like my plugin:

No, that’s currently not possible. The registry just registers the blueprint file as if it was stored in the site/blueprints directory.