Redirect subdomain to specific content folder

Hey guys,

maybe some of you just did something like that, I’m not 100% sure if it will work: is it possible to redirect a subdomain to a specific page of kirby? So, here’s the case: a client has several business partners. He wants a website which can be adopted by the business partners, with there individual links and logos. So the idea was to have something like “”, “”, where text and images are basically the same, but just with individual logos and contact data.

Now i thought of just one kirby installation, and automatically point (not redirect – that’s important) “” to “” – should be possible, right? Or am I missing something? The business partners don’t need to edit their stuff, so there’s no problem with user roles etc.

And one further question – it is currently not possible with the build method in the panel to build content, is it?

And I also need one kirby license for each of the subdomains, right? Or is it one installation, so only one license? @bastianallgeier ?

Thanks for helping me guys,

Can I run additional websites with a single license?
No. A license is valid for a single Kirby installation, running on a single domain. If you plan to add additional installations (i.e. under additional subdomains or subfolders) you need to purchase licenses for each of those installations.