Redirect Problem in Multi-Language

Hello :slight_smile:
We are using Kirby for a multi-language Setup and everything is fine. Now before go live we encountered the following situation.

We’ve got two languages, de (default) and en with language parameter …/en.
When in single-language setup ‘/home’ redirects to ‘/’ via 302.
When in multi-language setup ‘/home’ das not have a redirect, neither has ‘/en/home’.

Do i have to manage the redirect via Rounting then? Or did I setup some thing wrong? Is it expected behaviour? I just want to make sure.

Language .php files look like this:



return [
    'code' => 'de',
    'default' => true,
    'direction' => 'ltr',
    'locale' => 'de_DE',
    'name' => 'Deutsch',
    'url' => '/'



return [
    'code' => 'en',
    'default' => false,
    'direction' => 'ltr',
    'locale' => 'en_GB',
    'name' => 'English'

If necessary, how would like the routing look like? Thanks for your replies.
Best regards