Redirect old links to new Kirby-Pages

Hello all, i’m new to Kirby and to this forum, so please excuse any mistakes :slight_smile:
I’ve set up a page and therefore i need some redirects from old pages known by google to the new kirby pages. The Sitemap form the old Site is different to the new Kirby, so i needed some redirections.

should redirect to www.example/new-page-in-kirby

I think that could be done with routes, but i don’t know how. Is there any tutorial out there?

Thanks a lot, bests, Olli

Assuming this a Kirby 3 site, you can either use the Retour plugin, or do it manually in .htaccess with 301 redirects.

Please tag your thread with the Kirby version you are using.

p.s. if you know the old links > new links, you can generate the .htaccess rules with an online tool like this one.

If you need some sort of more complicated logic, doing it on the routes level (or using the retour plugin makes sense.

If possible, however, do it in your .htaccess or even––on a VPS or dedicated server––in the server configuration rather then on the PHP level.