Read multi-line csv

I’m having a hard time getting the CSV helper code to work with multi-line data in the CSV. One of my fields has many paragraphs and therefore line breaks.

The specific error is array_combine(): Both parameters should have an equal number of elements, and when I remove the line breaks, it works again. But I have 1800 projects and can’t feasibly continually add and remove line breaks.

Should I be using fgetcsv() instead?

I found a Kirby question on Stack Overflow and this code worked as a custom siteMethod…

'csvToArray' => function($file, string $delimiter = ',', int $length = 8000): array {
      $fh = fopen($file, $length, $delimiter);
      $header_line = fgets($fh);
      $header_line = str_replace("\xEF\xBB\xBF", '', $header_line);
      $keys = str_getcsv($header_line);
      $csv = [];

      while ($row = fgetcsv($fh, $delimiter)) {
          $csv[] = array_combine($keys, $row);

      return $csv;