Rainbow Panel theme

I would like to create a plugin based on my previous white panel : this plugin could change six color values from panel style. I made a widget, and it’s working well, but I’m wondering how can I save color values ?

[A video capture of the project]

Am I in the wrong way ? Do I need to create a field instead, to save value on site.txt ? I made a css file with css4 variables changing with js. I’m also wondering if a tool like that is necessary. I can already share the css file and poeple have to change 6 values in the first lines of the file…

You might as well save them in site.txt from the widget. How are you going to retrieve these values from wherever you save them?

Does that mean it’s not possible to retrieve values? I’m afraid to be a bit lost, and I don’t have any plans for that

No, no, of course you can retrieve the value, just wondering how you plan to get these values into your CSS?

Well, I suppose a php function could retrieve the values from the txt file and set it as default on DOM, then I could change every css values from here to ‘inherit’ ?

:root {
    --color-a: #000;       /* Text color - Default panel color : #000       */
    --color-b: #fff;       /* Blocks color - Default panel color : #fff       */
    --color-c: #efefef;    /* Background color - Default panel color : #efefef    */
    --color-d: #000;       /* Header & tags - Default panel color : #000       */
    --color-e: #fff;       /* Text header & tags - Default panel color : #fff       */
    --color-f: #999;       /* Links - Default panel color : #999       */