Question regarding the use of tc() helper


I’m having trouble to use tc() helper, in the doc the first argument can be given in string or array. But when I put an array, Kirby throws an error saying it expect a string but array were given.

If tc() helper is a shortcut of I18n::translateCount() then the doc here is a mistake?

What I’m trying to do is to have this output:
$count result
pluralize depending on the value of $count.

What I tried:
<?= tc(['found-result', 'found-results'], $total) =>

I agree, that seems to be an error in the tc() helper docs:

The function is supposed to be used with translation strings, see tests code:

Thank you @texnixe for the answer, that’s what I have now and it’s working.

I18n::translateCount('result', $total);

In the translation file (en.php):
'result' => ['No result', '{{ count }} results'],