Query that plucks tags from Structure field

I have a tag field inside a structure field. I’d like to autocomplete this field by querying all of the other pages. I’ve done this successfully many times with tags, but never from inside a structure field.

    type: structure
            type: tags
            options: query
            query: page.parent.childrenAndDrafts.pluck("kiez", ",", true)
            max: 1

This does not work. How do I get the query to look inside the structure field?

I think you need a custom method to achieve this, pluck only works with single value fields or fields with comma etc. separated values.

I tried calling a custom site method which returns an array, but that didn’t work. like query: site.getItems where getItems basically is like:

$array = $this->someField()->yaml();
return A::pluck($array, ‚tags‘);

(Strange apostrophes due to me typing on iOS)

Did it much like you described here

That should actually work, what is your Kirby version? And what’s in your blueprint?

Well, oddly it does now … Guess it was restarting PHP that must’ve worked :confused: