Query Language: Get info from blueprint or use translation method

Hey guys,

I got stuck a litte bit with the query language in a blueprint.

Let’s say I’ve following multiselect on my page:

            label: Kategorie
            type: select
            required: true
              news: Aktuelles
              project: Projekt
              archive: Archiv
            translate: false

Now I try to access these Options in the parent blueprint (page sections):

type: pages
layout: list
info: "{{ page.blueprint('category').options[page.category.value] }}"

Or I’ve also tried to use the translation method:

info: "{{ t(page.category.value) }}"

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong…

I assume you want to retrieve “Aktuelles” when the value is “news”, right?

Then best create a page method that returns this value from $page->blueprint. See this cookbook recipe:

(See how the syntax you tried above for fetching the value is not correct and I think this is probably a bit too complicated to be dealt with in query language)