Query files from a selected page field

Hi there,

Is it possible to query files from a page that has been selected in a pages field elsewhere?

So I select a page with a pages field, and then with a conditional files field show the files contained within that selected page only?


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No, that’s not possible. You would need a custom field that listens to changes in the first field, then fetches the relevant files.

Is this still not possible (with built-in functions)? :see_no_evil: I think it could be a common pattern: selecting a page in a pages field and having the following fields react to (e. g. query) this selection.

For example at the moment I’m using a layout field in order to design an individualized project overview page (using a custom “project” block). These projects are children of the current page. It would be great to be able to select an image of the selected project in the block and not having to upload it again or search through all projects’ images.

If not I will open a feature request.

No, that’s not possible yet.

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Thank you for the answer.

For anyone needing this as well, here is the feature request: Make selected page of pages field usable in query of sibling field · Kirby Feedback.