Publish article on given date (change to visible)

I tried to find something in the documentation on that but I’m out of luck. Is there a way to write an article, set a date in the future and let the system automatically change the status of that article to visible on that date? To put it shortly: publish on the basis of a date.

Not out of the box, although you could probably fashion a system that does it without to much trouble, with a date field and comparing its value to todays date, or using filters… theres probably a little more to it than that.

Or you could try this (, its how i do it.

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The alternative would be a cron job that calls a script at regular intervals and makes all pages visible that are scheduled at that time.

Thanks a lot! I will give the scheduled pages a closer look and see if it can be used. I will see if I can also use filtering in some form. I collect a publishing date but it can be put to use in a filter with a comparisson, I guess.

I think some sort of filtering at the loop should do. Fortunately, it’s not a critical functionality but still one that’s often needed for news/press.

I think the plugin also comes with a route that redirects non-published pages to the error page or the parent page (not sure). Without the plugin, keep in mind that invisible pages are still accessible via their URL.

Yes, I was wondering about that, too. In my current project this will not be critical, but it might be in others. Thanks for noting this and for your help.