Provide global field definitions via a plugin

I could not find anything related in the documentation, so I hope you can help me finding the answer.

Since Kirby 2.3 we have the tools to register blueprints within our plugins. But is it possible to register global field definitions or blueprint snippets via the registry as well?

This would be tremendously helpful as I could use one plugin to define a set of fields frequently used in all my sets, while creating further plugins that register blueprints which rely on those fields.

No, that’s unfortunately not possible at the moment. I have added this as a feature request on GitHub.

Thank you Lukas, I hoped I was missing something. Nonetheless I think I can work around that issue for the moment (event though that results in duplication of blueprint definitions).

Thank you for creating the issue on Github and your quick response.

Global field definitions can now be registered from plugins in Kirby 2.3.1.