Projects page and limited teasers

Hello, i am just making a start with Kirby (i installed it with nginx on a raspberry pi and i amazed by kirby’s speed !) with default starterkit theme and encountered a problem. When i set the projects-teaser page via …snippets/projects.php to <?php foreach(page('projects')->children()->visible()->limit(**6**) as $project): ?> instead of …default limit(3…) The page shows up with broken project-teaser layout: 3 teasers, 2 teasers and 1 teaser instead of 2 lines with 3 teasers. Ofcourse i made three extra project pages in the group. Does anyone has an idea why this happens ? Do i need to change code in main.css ?

Yes, that’s most definitely a CSS issue. See this discussion over on GitHub.

Thanks a lot. Seems i am not the first one. :slight_smile: