Problems with the output url for $page->image('logo.png')


I have an problem to display an image not dynamic but direct from the image name.
In an image-element I have written

<?php echo $page->image('logo.png') ?>

But this will give me an url to the image with the hole URL from the hosterserver like

<img src="/homepages/25/d35sd325/htdocs/subfolder/content/8-partner/logo.png">

and not what it should

<img src="" alt="logo">

The htaccess is set on mod_rewrite to no subfolder because the subdomain is set to routing on this folder.

Some help appreciate.

What happens if you use

<img src="<?php echo $page->image('logo.png')->url() ?>" alt="logo">

instead? Since this is the “official” way, i guess

okay that works well. I used ->url() only on the anker sourounding the image.
Thank you.