Problems to get the right URL for a blogarticle-link in blog-snippet

I try to convert a K2 blog to K3. But I have now problems to convert my post-type templates to k3.
At the blog-viewing I load snippets for every post-type, this works as expected.
But if I click on a blogarticle I get the error page and not the blogarticle.

In the snippet I have created the link to the Article like:
<h3><a href="<?php echo $article->url() ?>"><?php echo $article->title()->html() ?></a></h3>`` the article var is forwarded from the snippet call. Normally the Link to the blogarticle should bede/blog/test-blogbut withurl()I get only the/test-blogand this results in the error page. If I useuri()than I miss the/de/`in the URL.
it worked perfectly in my old blog. Has something changed in K3 what i have missed?

Here is also the dump from $article inside the snippet.

Kirby\Cms\Page Object
    [children] => Kirby\Cms\Pages Object

    [content] => Kirby\Cms\Content Object
            [title] => test blog
            [subheadline] => untertitel
            [date] => 2019-03-14
            [tags] => test, html
            [text] => saasdasasdasdasdasd

    [files] => Kirby\Cms\Files Object

    [id] => blog/test-blog
    [mediaUrl] => xxx/xxx/media/pages/blog/test-blog
    [mediaRoot] => /var/www/virtual/xxx/html/xxx/media/pages/blog/test-blog
    [num] => 1
    [parent] => blog
    [slug] => test-blog
    [template] => Kirby\Cms\Template Object
            [name:protected] => test-blog
            [type:protected] => html
            [defaultType:protected] => html

    [translations] => Kirby\Cms\Collection Object
            [0] => de

    [uid] => test-blog
    [uri] => blog/test-blog
    [url] => xxx/xxx/de/test-blog
    [siblings] => Kirby\Cms\Pages Object
            [0] => blog/test-blog
            [1] => blog/test-blogpage
            [2] => blog/default-post


That looks to me like you’ve made some changes to the URL somewhere. A route to remove the blog part from the URL? A page model?

Hi Sonja,
not that I remember. I don’t have a model folder but I have installed some plugins.
I will try to deactivate as first teh plugins and will see if some of this is going between.

I saw that I have installed not the last two updates. After this my problem with the URL is now fixed!
Thank you and sorry for that not really necessary post :).