Problem with translated pages generation

Hi Kirby community,

I hope to find an answer here ! I have an issue with my multi-languages website :

  • TL;DR : only admins can generate translated text files ?

I, the admin, can translate any page and a beautiful .en.txt or .fr.txt is generated. As everything was smooth, I’ve created an “editor” account for a colleague to translate the content in chinese (/cn/).

A strange thing occurs here : on his computer, the displays the whole website in chinese, as expected. But impossible to find any… after few minutes of investigation, it seems that only I (the administrator) can save a page AND generate the translation file.

Once it’s done and the .cn.text is generated, all the changes my colleague make are correctly writen in this file.

The problem is that I didn’t find any “pending translation” or whatsoever, and I have to create all the .cn.txt (and other languages) files before anyone can translate them.

Did I miss something in the doc / forum or this is a bug / security ?

Thanks guys !

What are your folder/file permissions?

My folders are good old 755 and I honestly didn’t change / look any permission with my Kirby installation as it runs smoothly from the beginning.

I think it might be the “editor” role permissions, I’ll try to investigate on this. I was just wondering if anyone got the same issue before me.

(PS: I won’t be able to answer this thread in the upcoming 2 weeks for job purposes… sorry for that)

Are you on Kirby 2.4? If you haven’t restricted editor role permissions, then editors should be able to create and edit/save pages.

I’m on 2.3.0, haven’t edited any role nor folders / files permissions.

I made some tests before posting this issue, displayed hidden files on my computer, tested on a live server… It is hard to believe that my colleague can see his changes (and so do I) but can’t find any .cn.txt files. Here is how I discovered this issue :

  1. Installed kirby on my live server (dedicated & secured folder) with only .en.txt files and everything ready to be translated
  2. Created an Editor account for my Colleague
  3. My colleague do his stuff, he see it live (panel & website) and I see it too from my computer
  4. I copy the /content folder from the live server to my local machine
  5. I visit my website locally : No chinese files available, falling back to en.text
  6. I re-check the live server : chinese & english version working fine, in the panel as well as on the website.
  7. I check the server, explore my kirby install and find the issue : no .cn.txt files
  8. simple test : I add a space at the end of a chinese title in the panel and save it
  9. the .cn.txt file shows up. Retry width 3 pages : .cn.txt are generated
  10. Copy /content on my machine : working well only for the pages I edited

According to point 8, I assume it is a permission issue. BUT, how is it possible to have a chinese version without any .cn.txt files…

…I feel sorry for the brains that read this :slight_smile:

back from my (long…) trip, tried again, still the same issue. I’ll try on another computer as the only answer seems to be my own computer’s bug. I feel like I’m missing something since nobody got the same issue… Maybe I did something very special to deserve it !