Problem with tagcloud in v2.2.3

Hello, guys. Maybe you could help me. I am developing new version of website where is used blog with tagcloud. I was using it for maybe one year without problem but after upgrade, it doesn’t work. I used code according this solution - with no problem.

Links worked properly, when I used format like /blog/tag:example, no problem at all. After upgrade for v2.2.3, these links are not working at all, I am always getting 404 error. I realized that they are working, if I will change format - /blog/tag;example (used semicolon instead of colon.

Is it bug or is it anything new which is not bug but like improvment? Thank you.

That is weird. Could you post your code please? What version of Kirby were you on before you updated?

Are you using a Windows server? Kirby uses the semicolon there because of compatibility reasons since 2.2.3.

You can use the following code to dynamically use the correct format:

<?php echo url('blog/' . url::paramsToString(array('tag' => $tag))) ?>

We will update the docs accordingly.

Edit: The docs have been updated and the change will be online soon.

Sorry guys for my late response and thank you for your quick answers. It is great to see how awesome is community around Kirby.