Problem when sending from contactform

Hello everyone,

I hope someone can help me with this.
We found out that when a message is sent via the contact form, an error occurs.
Since when, we don’t know. It is a form that is used very little.
We did move the website to a new server a few weeks ago. We’re running php 8.1.0 on the new server.

I get this message in debug:

Kirby\Cms\App::page(): Argument #1 ($id) must be of type ?string, array given, called in /home/vpsname1/domains/ on line 21

The url above is anonimized

On that line 21 of link.php I see

public function page(string|null $id = null, $parent = null, bool $drafts = true)

How can I solve this problem?


What you are showing here is the page function, that is certainly not in the link field.


  • Which version of the link-field plugin do you have installed?
  • did you also update Kirby? If so, to which version?
  • did you update the plugins accordingly?


Thanks for your reply.
Sorry, indeed, line 21 shows:

$this->page = kirby()->page($this->value());

The link-field plugin is version 3.0.3
Kirby is version 3.8.2
We didn’t update anything recently

But the current plugin version is 5.2.1…

I saw that too :frowning:
I took over the hosting of this website 1.5 months ago. The old hosting company went out of business.
The client would test the website for functionality after the transfer. Today I was told that this no longer works. So I don’t know if it was. But 3.0.3 > 5.2.1., that’s pretty old. Everything else works fine.

Thank you. It’s working now!
I updated the link plugin and kirby uniform. All look good now!
Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!