Problem Trailing Slash Wordpress multisite

When we generate SEO reports, the SEO crawler detects some pages as having the trailing slash and others not, but only on some of our pages.
All our pages have a trailing slash.
But we don’t understand why 301 redirects are done on the one that doesn’t.

The difference is the trailing slash. He sort of thinks that there are 2 “different” pages - with exactly the same content - and then we are penalized.

This usually means that there is a link, or structured data information, somewhere with the address, with a slash at the end. I have now looked at the html output of every page on one of our sites, and there is no mention of the address with the trailing slash anywhere …

I’m starting to think maybe it’s a problem with the .htaccess file? Or maybe somewhere else? …

We are multisite so the .htaccess is tricky
Any suggestion would be welcome!

Hi, @elocomperf This forum is dedicated to the Kirby CMS. We therefore cannot help you with WordPress related questions. Thanks for your understanding.

Oh sorry !
No problem :slight_smile: