Primary vs Secondary Language

In my Kirby installation I have defined the following languages:

Standard/Primary Language: English (en)
Secondary Language: Deutsch (de)

The language settings (site > languages > en.php and de.php) look like this:

‘default’ => true
‘url’ => ‘/en’

‘default’ => false
‘url’ => ‘/de’

The english version of the website should be displayed at, the German version on the other hand at

Despite these settings is automatically redirected to (secondary language) and not, as intended, to (primary language). DE is also listed before EN in the language menu.

Why? Any tips? Thanks :blush:

Do you use Automatic language detection? If you do, the main url will redirect to your preferred language.

Thanks for the quick response. The suggested setting …

'languages.detect' => true

… was already available, but Kirby still redirects to the German version.

That’s what I meant. If you set it to false you will no longer be redirected.

That’s exactly it :blush: Thanks for your help.