Preventing Kirby from automatically generating thumbnails of specific images

I am working on a plugin that provides zoom functionality for large images. To achieve this, I use a library (deepzoom) to automatically generate tiles of high-resolution images. As with map services, the tiles are later dynamically combined into an image depending on the zoom level in the frontend.

Editors simply upload the high-resolution images via the panel. The plugin generates the tiles in the background and stores them in a subfolder of the respective page. However, Kirby automatically generates thumbnails for the tiles in the media folder. That’s why the tiles end up twice on the server. I would like to avoid this.

Is it possible to prevent Kirby from automatically generating thumbnails in the media folder for specific images?

Yes, you can prevent this with the file::url component for the images themselves and the thumbs via the file::version component, see this cookbook recipe (is more about protecting files, but the basics are the same)

Thank you! I’ll look into this.