Prevent KeyCDN from serving HTML pages

im digging into the Kirby CDN recipe (Kirby loves CDN | Kirby CMS) and i noticed that this setup causes KeyCDN to cache html pages along with media and files. i think this is an unintended side effect, for example the following page is now available at two urls:

Guide | Kirby CMS (direct from server)
Guide | Kirby CMS (duplicate routed through KeyCDN)

it seems problematic to have the content accessible on multiple urls and cached on the CDN. any tips on avoiding this?

Yes, it was reported before, but shouldn’t be an issue, since the url sends a canonical header. Still might be worth looking into why this happens.

It’s not ideal at all, but at least it shouldn’t be a SEO problem. We’ve enabled the canonical link header that always refers back to the original URL. But I will try to find a way to change this.