Pre fill text area in panel upon page creation?

Is there a way to pre fill the a content in the text area when the page is created in the panel? Also if so how is it possible in a multi-language pages as well?

Yes, that would be possible. with a In a multilang environment, you can pass the language of the page you want to update to the $page->update()method.

Does this code go in the config? Or where does the code go to make this happen @texnixe? :slight_smile:

@jonabaptistella, it’s possible to register hooks both in the config or in a plugin.

Ok. I will dive a little deeper into this… Thank you for giving the direction. Nothing like trial and error to find the way. :wink:

And a great day to all! :sunny:

And a. nice day. to you, too. If you get stuck, you know we are here.

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Yes, and that is something that gives us here in the Kirby community an edge and sleep at night. Knowing that someone can help. Thank you for your hard work Sonja.