Possible to combine html() and kirbytext()?

Good Evening Kirby Community,
i just would like to know if its possible to combine <?= $page->field()->html() ?> and <?= $page->field()->kirbytext() ?> in one tag. i hope you know a bit what i mean :blush:


Yes, that is possible. But what is your use-case for this?

Doesn’t kirbytext() do all the magic? You can even mix markdown and html in one field

@lukasbestle @mauricehh for example if i have a simple text page, and i replace html whit kirbytext it looks a bit different. i dont know how i can say it :confused:

Sure, the Kirbytext method wraps everything in <p> tags. It all depends where you want to put the content. If you don’t need <p> tags, you can use the kirbytextRaw plugin to strip them from the result.

okay i will try it, thanks you :slight_smile: !