Possible params for thumb()

Does anybody know if there are more possible params than quality, grayscale and blur which can be passed to the thumb() method?


I would like to add support for additional thumb params for the Focus Plugin. The implementation works fine, but I’m still struggling how to generate the filename. I see two possibilities …

1. hash

One possibility would be to serialize() the params array and create a md5() hash. This leads to ugly filenames but would be future proof and would work with every combination of parameters.


2. custom

The second would be to add a custom string for every param, e.g. a quality of 80 would add a string like -q80 to the filename. The filename would be much cleaner, but new parameters wouldn’t be considered automatically.


I would prefer this one, but therefore I need to know all possible parameters!

Any help or suggestions appreciated :wink:

Looks like there aren’t more options.

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