Plugin priority

Hi there,

i am asking myselfe, how kirby handles the plugin priority. For example if f i have two similar plugins each with a file ‘snippets/my-snippet.php’ how to determine the priority?


Plugins are loaded in the order they appear in the file system (if you want to enforce a certain loading order, you can manually number them…). If you need to load an extension after all plugins have been loaded, you can use the syste.loadPlugins:after hook.

Snippets in the snippets folder with the same name as plugin snippets overwrite plugin snippets.

Ah okey i see.
so doing smth like this in the index.php of the plugin, will tell kirby, to load this after all plugins have been loaded?

Kirby::plugin('khepri-design/custom-extension', [
  'hooks' => [
    'system.loadPlugins:after' => function () {
. . .