Plugin documentation

I can’t find any official documentation on making a Kirby plugin. I’ve already made a few custom ones for an old site, but it’s been so long, I need a refresher. After Googling a bit, I still can’t find anything official about it. Where did I learn to make it the first time? Thanks for any help.

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I don’t think there is any documentation about how to make a plugin or ever has been and as far as I’m aware there are not even any guidelines how to best go about it. What about learning by studying other peoples code over at ? Maybe not a replacement for docs, but a starting point.

Entry points to plugins basically comes through:

As especially custom Kirbytext tags or custom field methods are used as starting point for a plugin.


Thanks for the tips folks. Can’t wait till I’m done with some old CMS projects and can go Kirby full-time.

Now I remember I used the well-documented tutorial on Kirby controllers. Must have just applied what I learned there to a plugin.