Permalinks and params do not work together

I’d like to use native $page->permalink() to send API calls. I also have to use url params. The problem is that when I try URL which looks like, the param gets lost. What I get is a bare url without any params.

Also, it does not work with languages.

Can it only be solved in a native way or do I need some plugin logic?


Could you provide more context or a code examples. API calls to handled by what sort of endpoint?

Wow, that was quick!

I’ve just realized that I’m on v4 and then I found this one: [V4] UUID permalinks always redirect to default language page · Issue #5551 · getkirby/kirby · GitHub same problem there. And, as I said before, in a same way passing params works neither: brings me to, params get completely ignored.

I’ve tried now with a clean install of a Starter Kit + latest 4.x, same story.

So I guess I do some plugin code.