Performance Vs. Panel user experience


I am wondering the best way to approach/balance editor experience in the panel and site performance.

I have a blueprint titled Location. There will be many of these pages (approx. 60).

On this location page I need to show persons associated with this Location. Within the whole site, there may be approx. 200-300 persons.

Each person has their own page.

I feel the most performative solution for site speed is to have a pages field in the Location blueprint for the editor to choose the persons associated with that Location. That would mean that the site would be querying the Person content directly via their UUID.

The other option, which I feel is a better experience for the editor in the panel is to choose the Location via a select field in the Person blueprint. From my understanding, if I went down this road the site would have to check all Person pages each time a Location page loads on the front-end to see if they have that location selected.

Would the load time be drastically different with this second option?

Or is there a best-practice approach for dealing with this kind of thing?

Thanks a lot!

I recently finished work on a website for an organization with about 400 members (Kirby 3.9.x). The organization works in five countries, each country is divided into 6 to 10 areas. For each of these areas there is a page, listing the members in that area.

The area is stored in each member’s record - just the way you want to do it. The pages of the areas load instantaneously. So I wouldn’t worry about performance if I were you.

Thanks a lot for the insight @steenweg, I’m going to give it a try that way :ok_hand:

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