Patch releases for iframe embedding in Kirby 3.5โ€“3.8

Hey everyone,

Our security updates two weeks ago contained a deliberate security-related breaking change that prevented the Panel from being embedded in iframes. We then released last week with the new panel.frameAncestors option to change this behavior if needed.

Of course, not only 3.9.6 was affected by the breaking change. The same applied to the releases for 3.5-3.8. Some of you were affected by that with sites on older Kirby versions, so @ahmetbora has now backported the new option to the previous major versions.

Today we are releasing four small updates that include the panel.frameAncestors option in 3.5โ€“3.8 as well:

You only need to update if you need to embed the Panel in an iframe. There are no other changes in these releases.