Password protect a site or page

Hey All - Did a search but couldn’t find quite what I need…I’m looking to restrict access (prevent it from displaying) to a site for staging/sandbox purposes, so nobody can see it except me and my developers. Is this possible with Kirby?

Check out the guide on authentication for a Kirby based solution. But in your case, wouldn’t it make more sense to restrict access via your server settings?

For sure…However this is a site that will be live and developers off my network. Thx for the guide and quick response

A very simple way to restrict access would be using a htpasswd file. There are several tutorials and generators online.

This shouldn’t prevent you from using HTTP authentication (htpasswd with Apache, probably other configs for other web servers).

One upside of simple HTTP authentication is that you can still use third party testing tools like or since they accept HTTP user/password configs.

@lukasbestle & @fvsch - Thanks, will be reading