Parenthesis in a link produces a wrong link

I use Kirby 2.1.1 and the panel 2.1.1.

I want to build a link to “” with the text: “Angeln_(Fischfang)”:

My 1. try:
(link: text: Angeln_(Fischfang))
My 2. try:
(link:\(Fischfang\) text: Angeln_\(Fischfang\))
My 3. try:
(link:\) text: Angeln_(Fischfang\))
My 4. try:
(link:\(Fischfang) text: Angeln_\(Fischfang))

Nothing works, the first closing parenthesis ends the link generation. The closing parenthesis is always missing in the link. The text field is always ignored.

Something is wrong.

Parentesis insite kirbytags are not working yet (see: Way to Use Parenthesis inside Kirbytag?)

But for your case you can use the Markdown way to make links:

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Thank you very much!

we need the part “[...]” to get the closing parenthesis in the link!

I have found a more normal way.

(link: text: Angeln_(Fischfang))
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The last way is not correct!

I have found that ONLY the URL (href) has to be coded following RFC 3986.

Therefore is should be coded in a textarea field of the panel like

(link: text: Angeln_(Fischfang))

which reders to

<a href="">Angeln_&#x28;Fischfang&#x29;</a>

Look for the different coding, e.g. “%28” and “&#x28;” for the “(”.

Good luck!

Don’t work for me. &something; is rendered to &amp;something; all the time.

Use kirbytext or kirbytextraw to render your field content, but not html.

Good luck!